Sew Your Own Stuff!


Sewing is Fun

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of stitching or a seasoned pro when handling a needle, there’s no doubt that making something with your hands is a huge accomplishment! Moreover, when sewing a garment or a blanket, you have the amazing opportunity of creating something that’s also¬†useful. While I’m not arguing that other crafts (such as painting, miniature making, or paper crafting) aren’t worthwhile, there’s a special sense of pride that comes with wearing something you made with your own two hands. Plus, sewing gives you the chance to ‘shop your wardrobe’ instead of spending money on new clothing. That colorful shirt that perfectly complements your skin tone, but bulges unflatteringly around your waist? Just take it in a few inches. The dress you love, but never wear because it’s too long for you? Hem it for a more tailored look. Or, you could turn it into a maxi dress by adding a strip of fabric at the bottom! Don’t worry about having the material match perfectly. In fact, go ahead and choose a contrasting color for a more color-blocky style. You can mend holes, reattach buttons, shorten your curtains; all using a handy-dandy sewing machine! Don’t think for a second that sewing machines are just for avid tailors or seamstresses – everyone can learn the ropes and freshen up their wardrobe all by themselves! You can spend a ton of money on an outfit, but it will never look polished and put-together unless it fits you like a glove. A sewing machine can take any basic old garb like a little black dress or a white shirt and transform them into bespoke pieces, tailored especially for you.

Where Do I Start?

Well, the centerpiece of any sewing project is, you guessed it, the sewing machine! There are countless makes and models out there, so you’re free to choose the one that perfectly fits you and your needs! Maybe you’re just looking to do some basic mending and tailoring – nothing too complicated. On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn, you can choose a nifty gadget with hundreds of stitching patterns and tons of functions. Maybe you’re looking to sew thick materials – like denim or wool – so you need a machine with a bit more horsepower. No matter what you require, when it comes to sewing machines, two brands are miles ahead of the competition: Singer and Brother. Singer is one of those old, well-established American companies: they’ve been manufacturing sewing machines for almost 200 years! These guys know what they’re doing! No matter what stitch or sewing program you’re on the lookout for, it’s bound to found on a Singer machine. Buying a new sewing machine can get a bit confusing (not to say expensive), so make sure to check out some great Singer machines here!

Brother is another very well-known name in the sewing community. Not quite as old as Singer, this Japanese company still has 120 years of experience under their belt. Their machines are more aimed at the average consumer, so it’s impossible not to find one you like! If you’re in the market for a sewing machine, check out the best ones from Brother! Have fun stitching!