You can imagine nothing more beautiful then what nature endowed to this region long time ago”, many people would say about Kolasin and its surrounding. Little town settled on the height of 960 meters above the sea, whose blue sky is hidden by the slopes of the mountain Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Vucje and Kljuca. Woods, the endless pastures, mowed fields in the summer, and unforgettable  “snowy fairy tale” with water currents and lakes. “Untouched Switzerland”, was written by the delighted German journalist in 1998, after spending the winter holiday in Kolasin. And whatever the guests want, everything is really at their disposal. If they want to go skiing or sledding they can visit Bjelasica and its neatly arranged skiing and sledding paths with ski lifts, with experienced skiing trainers, of course. If they want some fishering adventure, they can visit one of the water currents teeming in trout, or they can be accompanied by the experienced hunters and the guides in hunt of big and small game.

If they choose nothing, they can go on long but not less attractive walks and they will be surrounded by a wilderness on every single step.  The exciting rafting along the Tara River usually begins from here. The most famous picnic grounds here are Biogradsko and Sisko lake and then two more lakes Ursulovacka and Pesica lake on the mountain of Bjelasica, then Rikavac above the source of the river Tar, Kapetanovo and the Mahnito lake on Trebjes. And just like some precious stone of the best quality Biogradsko Lake shines before the eyes of the astonished guest. You can reach it along the solid asphalt road.

Hotel ″Bianca Resort & Spa″, former hotel ″Bjelasica″, situated down town, makes a tremendous contribution to Kolasin’s tourist service. It is an exclusive hotel whose reconstruction had coast € 9 millions. The hotel has 117 rooms, 12 suits, a gym, fitness centre, beauty centre and a luxury swimming pool. A special spa program is also avaliable to guests, including water massage, aroma therapy and other types of a massages. With two top-class restaurants a national and international one, Bianca rounds off Kolasin’s hospitality service raising it to the highest level.

In Kolasin, three of a dozen bars in the main street very much resemble Irish  pubs. All those bars are open throughout the season, becouse Kolasin citizens are impeccable hosts, but also famous fot their appreciation of a small tipple. As they often say jokingly, every bar owner buys another chair as soon as he hears that a new baby has been born in this small town.

Lovers of plant species should certainly visit the valuable botanic garden in Kolasin that possesses more then a hundred samples of rare mountain vegetation in an area of more then thousand square meters.

These are all reasons for you to spend your holiday in Kolasin and its surrounding area . There, where you need to take no aspirin in your luggage, you are to feel the influence of the unique mountain “sedatives” walking down the paths of the first little forest, on the mountain Bjelasica for example.