In Rijeka Crnojevica, time warp and human oblivion have preserved nature’s unspoiled beauty, but due to them only the remains can tell a story about glorious history of this formerly biggest trade center.

Being afraid of the Turkish invasion and quick occupation of Zabljak town, in the second half of XV century, Ivan Crnojevic, known as Ivan the Bey, moved the metropolis and metrpolitan from Vranjine to Obod, a hill above Rijeka Crnojevica. Thus Obod had become a residence of the Crnojevic dynasty. Among South Slavs, the first book in Cyrillic was printed in a printing firm of the Crnojevic family brought in Obod from Venice at the end of XV century.

The winter house of the Petrovic family was situated in Rijeka Crnojevica, because it was not a windy place and the climate was even milder then one at the seacoast. The famous bridge over the river was built by prince Danilo in 1853, and the bigger one, that connects Rijeka Crnojevica with Virpazar, by prince Nikola in 1905.

During XIX and at the beginning of XX century, Rijeka Crnojevica was the biggest marketplace in this part of the Balkans. On the Italian tables, a smoked bleak from this area was a highly rated product. Members of all three religions lived happily here and did trade business, but the Muslims were known as the best merchants.

Communities placed on the lake’s “oke” have added to the richness of this area. There are many of them and they abound with fish. Prior to the Balkan wars, Rijeka Crnojevica town had many workshops, the first pharmacy in Montenegro was opened right there as well as the first arms workshop. In “Marica” factory, pearls from fish scales were made.

The Lipska cave, with a beautiful lake and stone ornaments, the waterfall on the Crnojevic river as well as Dobrsko village, surrounded by small vineyards used for production of high quality wines and even better “rakija”(brandy), are situated in this area.

Nowadays, many nature lovers, fans of good photography and unusual landscapes are visiting Rijeka Crnojevica. The famous director, Emir Kusturica, and the canoe and kayak world champion, Milan Janjic, are big admirers of this place.